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The foundation was formed as a way of supporting educational efforts in the Leavenworth community that might not otherwise become a reality. It is a non-profit charitable foundation supported by individuals, organizations, and local business persons who seek to expand the learning opportunities within their community and is also supported administratively by the Greater Kansas City Community Foundation and Affiliated Trusts. The foundation is a 501 (c) 3 nonprofit.


News and Announcements

Leavenworth Public Schools Education Foundation Video Contest Results

Each fall, elementary schools have participated in the Leavenworth Public Schools Education Foundation "Foundation Week Banner Contest". This has always been one of the kick-off activities for Foundation Week, the start of our Annual Fundraising Campaign. This year, we kicked it up a notch, and moved from traditional butcher paper, glue, and cutouts, to a live display of Pioneer Pride. Each school, both elementary and secondary, was invited to submit a video for competition as a way to showcase the partnership with the Foundation, and feature the great things happening inside its walls.

Several guidelines were provided for the competition, such as focusing on the "Inspire" theme of the Foundation year, including the word "Pioneer", and, including items such as a pencil, balloon, tape holder, an apple, and dance moves.

Videos were submitted and reviewed, and the Leavenworth Public Schools Education Foundation is excited to share the results of the competition!

Winner Elementary Category: Anthony Elementary School
Runner-up Elementary Category: Henry Leavenworth Elementary School

Winner Secondary Category: Richard Warren Middle School

Please enjoy ALL of the videos submitted by our amazing schools! The display of Pioneer Pride, educational "inspiration", teaching and learning, and friendship was incredible. The creativity was top notch, and all schools should be extremely proud of their submissions...they capture the wonderful work that takes place between staff, students, and the community each and every day.

The videos are housed on YouTube, in no particular order...simply highlight the link provided below, right click and link to "Go to https://..." Enjoy!


Pioneer Pride Patrol Showers Teachers with Grants

Pioneer Pride Patrol
Celebrating Leavenworth USD453 teachers through the Innovative Teacher Grants Program -

LPS Education Foundation presented over $61K for classroom initiatives!
Thank you, donors, for impacting LV education!

Please click on the article title to view the slideshow of the Pioneer Pride Patrol!

Getting Ready to Kick-off a Hearty 2017-18 Foundation Year!

The Foundation Executive Board has been busy setting the stage for a successful 2017-18 year, starting with our annual fundraising campaign. At the conclusion of the Class of 1977 reunion, held this summer, class leaders stepped up with leftover funds from the weekend's events. They were the FIRST donors to the Foundation Annual Campaign! Thank you, Lisa Plants, and Class of 1977 members, for this generous donation of $400 that will support student learning initiatives throughout the district. Thank you much, Pioneers!

Pictured left to right: Lisa Plants, Class of 1977, and Catey Edwards, Director of the Leavenworth Public Schools Education Foundation

Foundation Pioneer Pride Patrol Delivers Checks

Tuesday, September 20 was a day filled with drummers from Warren Middle School, over-sized checks, balloons, and lots of excitement for the announcement of the annual Leavenworth Public Schools Education Foundation Innovative Teacher Grant awards. The Foundation delivered 22 grants for a total of $52,847.73, all of which will impact Leavenworth USD 453 classrooms this school year. Many thanks to the numerous community, business, and family donors that make the Foundation the strong and successful organization it is, with the purpose of supporting the efforts of Leavenworth USD 453.

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